Our Terms of Business for Chauffeur Service


  • Our Terms be effective for every current and future business with the contractor (called VP in the following). Contrary or differing Terms of the VP will not be accepted, except we expressly accepted these Terms in writing. Our Terms are valid even when we carry out our services in the awareness of contrary or differing Terms of our VP.

Conclusion of Contract

  • Mr. Johann Klipan (JK in the following) will offer his binding calculation with an additional transport contract. This calculation is binding for 10 calendar days. The VP has to accept the offer in writing to JK within 10 calendar days. The orderer guarantees that he is authorized to legally act in the name of the VP.

Neligible Deviations

  • JK retains the right to divert from the transportation contract in important cases when the divergence is negligible and the total character of the owed Transport is not changed. This reservation is especially valid when the provision of unique vehicles is not possible for technical or organizational reasons. In this case JK is entitled to replace the vehicle with a suitable equally good replacement.

Terms of Payment

  • In the order confirmation from JK, the payment mode is agreed. As this is a service, the invoice amount is to be paid immediately after receipt of the invoice without deduction, unless a payment date is listed in the invoice.

Change in Prices

  • Change in Prices require written information. Changes in Prices on the basis of official steps, lasting changes in exchange rates, considerable increases of fuel prices and other circumstances not in the responsibility of JK can not be excluded.

Steering and Rest Times

  • JK and his Chauffeurs are subject to strict regulations of Steering and Rest Times. In the interest of the VP the routing and scheduling should show consideration for this.

Behaviour of Passengers

  • Passengers have to behave while using our vehicles so that their own security and that of others is not endangered. Instructions of the Chauffeur have to be followed. Our Passengers are not allowed:
    • to reduce the usability of our vehicles by blocking the passage, entrance or exit with bulky objects.
    • to missuse security installations like escape taps / exits or block escape routes.


  • JK has to transport the luggage of the Passengers like suitcases or bags (wardrobe and necessaries of life). The general liability of JK is limited to intent or considerable carelessness. We urgently recommend to sign a suitable Assurance for yourself. In addition JK is not liable for secondary damages of Persons and Properties. This limitation of liability is not valid when the secondary damage arises from intent or considerable carelessness.


  • JK does not guarantee time of arrival and is not liable for being behind schedule, except the cause for being late is intent or considerable carelessness. The estimated drive time of our Cars are calculated with average volume of traffic and are therefore without guarantee. Deviations in transfer and arrival time caused by holdup, breakdown or stopover, not foreseeable exceptional circumstances like strike, war, unrest, official orders etc. as well as lack of space or incorrect information do not justify claims for compensation. According to that JK will not guarantee that connections of every kind are met. So JK is not liable for lost profit or other damages of the VP. When the arranged transportation service is not (at all or in time) accomplished and this was caused by technical breakdown of the vehicle and JK is responsible for that, then JK will arrange a suitable replacement and will accept the cost for housing the VP till the vehicle is replaced. In this case any further claim for compensation is ruled out. This is especially valid for secondary damages, personal injuries and property damages; except these damages are caused by intent or extreme carelessness. The VP is obliged to undertake any necessary step to minimize these damages.The limitation of liability is not effective when the VP claims nonperformance because of assured features are missing. Any further liability is without notice to its legal nature ruled out. This is also valid for the liability of employees and substitutes of JK.

Cancellation / Termination

  • Orders of the VP can be canceled free of charge at any time - up to 24 hours before the order starts. Thereafter, 50% of the order value will be invoiced if third party services or own advance payments have already been made. If the order has already started, e.g. Directions to the airport, meeting place or similar, and will then be canceled due to events that the JK or the VP are not to blame: Due to the fog landing is not possible or the landing takes place at another airport, then travel costs of 100.00 € plus VAT to be paid to JK.
  • JK can terminate his transportation contracts without further warning or respites, when:
    • the VP is not commited or in delay with his payments (in total or in parts), suspends his payments or insolvency / petition of bankruptcy has been declared on the property of the VP or is being declared shortly.
    • the fullfillment of the transport contract is not possible due to exceptional circumstances not known of at its signment like war, strike, unrest, official orders etc.
    • the vehicles are without permission of JK used by third.
    • at rude inappropriate behaviour of passengers.
  • JK has informed the VP that contract termination leads to immediate cancellation of the transport service. The right to terminate the contract out of paragraph 649 BGB is denied.

Ineffectivness of single Provisions

  • When single Provisions of these Terms of Business are ineffective this does not result in ineffectivness of the Terms as a whole.

Legal Domicile

  • The City of Muenster is hometown of JK and his legal domicile. JK is entitled to sue the VP on its Place of Living / Business. All legal trials will be under German Law of the Bundesrepublik Deutschland.


  • The VP assures JK that the responsible local organizer is instructed about his duty to secure the personal and vehicles of JK.